Boiling Point!

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Hello from the Boiling Point team!

Many of you already follow us on Instagram, but for those who don’t, we are very much still alive and unboiled!

In fact: we’ve got a hot pot full of content cookin’ for y’all in the upcoming weeks. Because it may have been a long while since you heard from us, we thought we’ll give you a loooong update now in honor of the new year. We promise the next ones will be shorter!

Before we get started though, we’d like to give a huge thank you to all those who playtested with us most recently at MAGfest in National Harbor, MD! And while we’re on that note: thank you to anyone who’s ever playtested with us, ever. It is because of you that the game is where it is today!

BP Community

Now that we’re getting to the real crab meat, we’d like to invite everyone to follow us, if you haven’t done so already:

Instagram: @BoilingPointGame

TikTok: @BoilingPointGame


Facebook Group: /BoilingPointGame



We hope people can come together to share their thoughts on Boiling Point, keep updated on everything, and help us build a dynamic gaming community. And keep a careful watch on our Facebook group and Discord channel – that’s where we’ll be hosting discussions, and answer questions about the game for the rest of the development phase, during the Kickstarter (yes, we said it!), and long after. 


In that same vein, we plan to hold many in-person and online playtests in the next few months! 

In Person

If you’re in the NYC area, look out for some upcoming playtest sessions. We’ll make sure to announce dates and location at least a few weeks ahead, so that you’ll have time to sign up.


We know that the physical game is not accessible for everyone, but fear not. You can also play Boiling Point digitally! All you need is internet access, a computer, and a copy of Tabletop Simulator on Steam. We’ll be hosting scheduled playtests online as well, so stay tuned. 

Meme Challenge

The best caption to this meme will win a copy of Tabletop Simulator! And anyone who submits a meme can opt in to our online playtest waiting list. Email us with your best submission at!

Tune in to our blog (now live) every Monday for our #mondaymemechallenge! Winners will be announced on our Fun Fridays blog updates!

The road ahead

In the next few months, we plan to be very engaged with our flavorful followers about upcoming playtests, showcases, developments, and updates.

And then of course, there’s that one question we get constantly asked: when is the Kickstarter? We don’t have anything concrete yet, but our ideal goal is for early spring. Stay tuned! 

If you run a board game-related Youtube channel, podcast, Instagram, or anything of that sort, and would like to review a copy of the game, we’d love to get in touch!

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