Boiling Point!

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Hey all –

Welcome to the Boiling Point blog page! We at ABY Studios are SO excited to show you this card game we’ve been working on for a year now! Boiling Point is the brainchild of Rich and Zach, two key members of our little company. After many months of game re-designs and play testing, and thanks to Zach’s out-of-this-world illustrative skills, we’re finally at a place where we’re comfortable with releasing the game to the public. Of course, the sketches aren’t finished and all we can show you for now is the early prototype version, but we’re still so ecstatic that we’ve finally reached this stage!

From now on, I (and occasionally Rich or Zach) will be using these blog posts to publish updates about our current trajectory – so stay tuned because there’s so much more coming your way!



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